How To Host A Company Picnic

How To Host A Company Picnic

How To Host A Company Picnic

By gaining more information about the services offered by Event Planners one can now ensure that they host a fabulous event with less stress.With warm months in the horizon many companies may have already begun to plan their annual company picnic. But, no matter the size of the workforce this may be a complex task because the company picnic is a time for employees to mingle with each other outside the stress of work. Therefore, one has to ensure that the picnic is a stress free event which offers an enjoyable time for both the employees and their families. Thus, the following article contains some tips to ensure that you throw a memorable company picnic.


This should be the first priority as all the other aspects would depend on the location of the picnic. Many individuals may wish to go through the traditional route and host the picnic at a park or another outdoor ground. But one can also choose to have it at an amusement park or even at the company premise if conductive.


While it may be possible for small companies to organize picnic potlucks this would not be viable for larger companies. Thus, in such situations, one would have to hire a caterer. However, whichever option you choose one would have to ensure that they are considerate of food allergies and that the menu is inclusive of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. Furthermore, it would be preferable to have some kid friendly treats for the young attendees.

Activities for Adults

When it comes o adults as the main purpose of the picnic is to encourage employees from different departments to interact one should ensure that they have a few team activities. Furthermore, one can even arrange a football or softball game as these are crowd favourites and you can allow different departments to compete against each other. Moreover, one can also opt to hire corporate entertainment such as a band.

Activities for Kids

Although, some companies may prefer to incorporate both the kids and the adults into participating in the same activities, others may prefer to provide children with entertainment that is more suited to their age and preference. Thus, if the budget permits one can opt to hire kids party entertainers Sydney such as magicians or carnival stand operators. Moreover, they can also choose to have a bounce castle or one can also have other games such as a treasure hunt which would allow children to partner up with others and make friends. Company picnics may be a long- standing tradition in the business industry however, with the aforementioned tips you can ensure that you throw a modern company picnic which would show your appreciation of the employee’s hard work.

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